Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Sweet Small Hometown

Last weekend I went home to Idaho to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I left the "big city" behind and went back home to the small town where I grew up. Sometimes I forget how small it really is. For example, I was lucky to catch a picture of these two beauties in a field rather than from being stuck behind them on the road.

We got to go to an awesome concert! We had 3rd row seats. I've never been that close to the action before and it was incredible. I had to fight the urge to try to run up and hug them! (The security guard sitting in front of the stage didn't look like he would have appreciated that...) Lee DeWyze opened. I hadn't even heard of him before (I don't think I've mentioned my distaste for reality tv) but I was very pleasantly surprised. He is a very talented singer and a natural peformer.

Next was Colbie Caillat! I kind of hated her immediately for her outfit. She was beautiful and charming and (obviously) a very talented singer. It was an amazing concert!

Then it was time to go home! My parents drove me up to the airport and we had time to get lunch first. It was so nice to have some extra time with just my parents. They are not the type to just drop me off at the airport so they walked me in and waited until I was all the way through security and could just barely wave over the top of the machines and people behind me.

Then I finally got to come home to these goobers!

I always enjoy visiting my hometown but I love being home.

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