Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to my blog! I have finally decided to join this world of sharing thoughts, feelings and pictures. Watch out!

The name "Arms Full of Babies" came to me recently as I was comforting my beautiful twin girls. They are 15 months old today and rarely ever hold still long enough for me to hold both of them. Last night however, they both needed some extra love from their mama. We are all fighting colds and the girls especially are having a rough time. Sydney (usually our excellent sleeper) woke up crying which of course meant that her sister, Harper (no champion sleeper by any account) was up too! As they both snuggled their little face into my neck, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the blessing of these two adorable girls. My back ached, my arms sorely reminded me of how weak I am, but I held on because even now I recognize that they will not be little for long. At one point Harper laid her head on Sydney's back and we all snuggled.

Those two angels aren't all that fill my arms though. They have an older brother, Levi who used to have this mama all to himself. To be honest, I think he's thrilled to finally have sisters to split my attention! Levi is almost 4 and loves being a big brother. Even when the girls were only a couple of months old he wanted to show them his trains and let them play with his toys. Of course he doesn't like it when they knock down his toys or put his cars in their mouths but mostly, he adores them.
And when these 3 little ones aren't filling my arms, I often have them around him. Without him, I wouldn't have this wonderful, beautiful life.
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