Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Does he look ready for preschool to you? This is how I still see my precious firstborn. He is only minutes old and needs protection from this big world.
Really, he looks like this and is probably ready to take on this big world by himself. We went tour a preschool today and I'm not gonna lie - I cried on the car ride there. And in the parking lot walking back to the car. And a little thinking about writing about it. But hey, I'm a crier. We had such a wonderful visit and I feel completely at peace about our decision. The school was colorful, happy, playful, and I felt so excited about enrolling my precious baby, er...preschooler there!

I have struggled with the decision of when to send him to preschool because I love having him home with me so much! (If it were just about what I wanted then he would definitely stay home with his mama!) But, after adding 2 more babies to this household I think he is ready for something that is just for him. He was so excited to go check out schools! Poor guy really doesn't realize that it will be months from now that he actually starts attending!

For now, this decision has brought much peace into my life and I feel completely confident in our choice. Whew!

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